Nature Strollers

The mission of the Nature Strollers is to support parents and grandparents in their role as primary interpreters of nature for their families; to provide opportunities for families to enjoy unstructured time outdoors; to familiarize families with local trails, refuges, sanctuaries and preserves; and to develop networks among families with a common interest in nature.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fitzgerald Falls, 24 April 2009

Ferrying toddlers across the stream proved much easier than we thought.
Olivia enjoys her sandwich with the falls as a backdrop.

What a picnic spot!

The big kids stopped by for a snack, taking a break from their sloppy slurching.

Are these dangle earrings or the work of the Caddisfly larvae?

This fern was growing in a tiny crevasse right next to the falls.

Bees galore pollinating the Trout Lily, which takes seven years to bloom.

Whether Acadia said something hysterically funny or it was just the fresh waterfall air, Lily couldn't contain her gut-busting laughter.


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