Nature Strollers

The mission of the Nature Strollers is to support parents and grandparents in their role as primary interpreters of nature for their families; to provide opportunities for families to enjoy unstructured time outdoors; to familiarize families with local trails, refuges, sanctuaries and preserves; and to develop networks among families with a common interest in nature.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Goose Pond Mountain Created Wetlands, 10 August 2006

Ginny, Sawyer, and dad Chuck joined Laurel, Acadia and Sebastian and Kat and her girls today for a beautiful evening stroll around the boardwalk at Goose Pond. Highlights today included some close-ups of monarch butterflies sipping nectar from tall plants with pink flowers. Laurel knows the name, and will be adding her field notes soon!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary, 06 August 2006

Today was a scheduled Nature Stroller walk with the Orange County Audubon Society. Laurel, Sebastian and Acadia arrived first, and Kat, Ian, Lily and Penelope arrived shortly after. Just as this usual group of Nature Strollers was gearing up to walk, they welcomed a new family. Mom Joan and her children Rebecca and Melissa pulled up with their puppy Tess in the back of their van. Joan had just happened to come to 6 1/2 Station Road to go for a walk with Tess and her girls; it was kismet that everyone was there at the same time!
Laurel will be adding her field notes to this entry soon... check back again later to read them! For now, enjoy some of the photgraphs we took on our outing!